End-of-Life and Upgrades

At Exinda we are continually developing our products to bring our customers the best features and functionality. This means that we periodically discontinue certain hardware and software. Exinda’s End of Life policy is designed to help you plan for your growing network needs and make it easy to upgrade to the latest Exinda platform.


Exinda’s trade-up program helps customers upgrade to the latest Exinda solution so you can take advantage of our new features that help make network management easier. Upgrading also means you can continue to leverage Exinda’s Technical Assistance Center for 24/7/365 support and software maintenance.

End of Life Policy for Hardware

Exinda will repair or replace all defective Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) for a period of three years from the End of Sale (EOS) date for that FRU under a current paid service agreement. Exinda reserves the right to substitute functionally equivalent product and/or peripherals.

All EOS hardware will be considered End of Life (EOL) three years after the EOS date or per the date provided on the EOS hardware’s EOS notice, whichever is later. When EOS hardware becomes EOL, Exinda will no longer provide hardware or software support. Support for EOS/EOL hardware/software beyond the EOL date stated in the EOS notice is at the sole discretion of Exinda.

End of Life Policy for Hardware

End of Sale (EOS)
The last date an appliance is offered for purchase.

End of Life (EOL)
The last date support is available for a product. This includes technical support and software updates.

Replacement Path
Replacement Path Recommended alternatives that offer a similar range of software licenses.

End of Life Policy for Software

For customers covered under a current service agreement, software support comprises two areas: 1. Unspecified Feature / Maintenance Releases and 2. Unspecified Patch/Fix Releases:

1. A Feature Release is a release (example x.0) where new features/enhancements are created for use on Exinda equipment and a Maintenance Release is a release (example x.0.1) where maintenance requirements are instituted for a feature release.

For discontinued hardware (EOS hardware), Exinda will test and qualify any new software releases (Feature / Maintenance releases) only if requested by customer in writing and within a period of two years after the hardware EOS date. Exinda makes no claim or promise, either expressed or implied, that EOS hardware will support a Feature Release which was made generally available after a hardware platform’s EOS date without prior written consent between Exinda and customer.

2. A Patch Release consists of software patches for the Exinda software to operate properly on existing equipment. Where Exinda develops and provides software patches, those software patches will also be provided for EOS hardware covered by a valid service agreement for a period of three years. Exinda will patch the last valid Maintenance Release for EOS hardware or may request customer upgrade to a later supported release with prior mutual agreement between Exinda and customer. Support for EOS/EOL hardware/software past the EOL date stated in the EOS notice is at the sole discretion of Exinda.

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