Get Your Network Ready for Microsoft

You're thinking about making the jump over to cloud applications, but you’re still a bit unsure as to where to start. There are so many unanswered questions. What happens if your network can’t handle the requirements of something like Skype for Business or Office 365? Do you have enough bandwidth for all of the applications that you need? What recreational or social applications might be taking away valuable resources? Do you know what your network looks like today? This is where Exinda’s Readiness Assessment can help.

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Readiness Assessment

Microsoft provides customers with specific guidelines that outline the bandwidth requirements needed for a successful deployment of their product. While this information is valuable it doesn't give you the full picture of your environment. Exinda's Readiness Assessment, conducted over the course of just a couple of weeks, gives you a more complete view into your network and its usage patterns as well as what you should do next to optimize your network and ensure flawless application performance.

Readiness Assessment Essentials

Get a comprehensive view of current network activity

Gain insight into historical usage patterns

Get recommendations for optimizing network resources for exceptional performance

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