Monitor Microsoft Application Performance in Real-time

You've made the commitment to the Microsoft suite of products whether on-site or in the cloud. The integration that the Office 365 platforms offers and the collaboration capabilities of Skype for Business is a real game changer, but there’s still a problem – you’re struggling with performance issues. You’ve even followed Microsoft’s guidelines and set the bandwidth within the recommended range, but poor performance persists. This is where Exinda’s Application Monitor can help.

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Application Monitoring

With Exinda's Application Monitor you'll be able to keep track of how well your applications are performing at any given time and identify potential performance issues before they happen. You'll be given insight into applications performance trends, adoption and other key statistics to better understand how your Microsoft applications are being used. You'll also be able to identify bandwidth hogs, unsanctioned applications (Shadow IT) and any other network activity that may be impacting performance.

Application Monitoring Essentials

Gain real-time visibility into how well Microsoft apps are performing

See how all users, devices and applications are behaving on the network

Quickly troubleshoot performance issues with prescriptive and actionable recommendations

Identify Shadow IT and non-critical applications that may impact performance

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