Get Intelligent Skype for Business Insight

You've migrated your critical voice, video and application sharing services to Skype for Business in hopes of achieving added functionality and flexibility. But this can come at a cost - with the inability to provide the same Quality of Experience due to a lack of visibility into when issues happen and why. Is it the network or the application? To quickly troubleshoot and resolve application performance issues you need end-to-end management of the network and the application. This is where Exinda’s Application Insight for Skype for Business can help.

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Application Insight for Skype for Business

Application Insight correlates Skype for Business call data with network information to provide a complete end-to-end view of your call traffic, down to the device level. Easily identify not only that there is a session quality issue - but what it is, why it's happening and, most importantly, where along the application path the issue is happening and how to fix it.

Application Insight Essentials

Extend quality monitoring of Skype for Business beyond the network and into the application

Gain real-time insight into Skype for Business session quality

Quickly identify what is causing session quality issues and where to improve Time to Resolve (TTR)

Pinpoint call quality issues with granularity to easily diagnose problems

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