CTI Foods Implements Unified Communications and Improves Productivity With Exinda

CTI Foods designs, manufactures and distributes prepared food products for the largest restaurant and quick food service companies in the world. The company has approximately 1,500 employees at its seven locations, including two recently acquired plants. When CTI began considering implementing high definition video conferencing to streamline communication and improve collaboration across plants, it began to investigate network management solutions to increase productivity without purchasing additional bandwidth.

Increased Employee Productivity

Made Video Conferencing Possible

Improved File Sharing Across Locations

The Challenge
  • CTI Foods frequently experienced connectivity and bandwidth issues when opening large files stored in the company’s data center, resulting in employee frustration and lost productivity.
  • The company’s management team wanted to add video conferencing technology to improve communication and collaboration, but worried that video conferencing would interfere with other business critical applications due to bandwidth constraints.

"When an employee in Idaho would open a 30 MB file stored in Texas, it would take three to four minutes to simply open the file, which resulted in lost productivity."

John Flick, Director of IT, CTI Foods

The Solutions
  • After extensive research, CTI Foods decided that Exinda offered the best price and performance for its needs and deployed Exinda 4061 appliances at all seven locations.
  • The company experienced immediate benefits in collaboration and increased productivity by setting policies to guarantee bandwidth to video conferencing, but not at the expense of other business applications.

"Video conferencing can be a bandwidth hog and will generally use whatever you have available. Unless we made changes, video conferencing was going to interfere with other critical business applications, such as voice, e-mail, Citrix, Business Intelligence reporting, ERP applications, and file sharing between our locations."

John Flick, Director of IT, CTI Foods

The Results

Since implementing the Exinda solution, CTI Foods have successfully rolled out video conferencing and have seen an increase in productivity and teamwork. Employees now regularly engage in video conferences when working on collaborative projects between locations. By monitoring, prioritizing and protecting this critical traffic, CTI Foods can guarantee that their voice and video applications always perform when needed.

"With Exinda, we can conduct multi-person team meetings via high-definition video conferencing without sacrificing other critical applications like voice, Citrix and ERP. Exinda has allowed us to communicate with our new locations easily, making their integration much more effective."

John Flick, Director of IT, CTI Foods

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