Apr, 25th, 2017
Considering a bandwidth upgrade? Think twice.

Are you thinking about a bandwidth upgrade? Let’s take a minute to think about why you’re considering this. Is lack of bandwidth the issue? Do you really need more bandwidth? Or do you need to start using the bandwidth you have more efficiently? Let’s say you decide to go with a bandwidth upgrade. The outcome […]

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Teenagers Young Team Together Cheerful Concept
Apr, 11th, 2017
[Infographic] 19 Must-Know Stats About Higher Ed Bandwidth

As we often discuss, providing adequate bandwidth to students on campus is a major concern for Higher Ed IT Pros – especially as more devices and more applications hop on and off the network. Last week Acuta released the 2017 State of ResNet report highlighting Higher Ed bandwidth trends from the biggest bandwidth hogs on […]

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Apr, 5th, 2017
3 Tips to Avoid UC Deployment Failure

Many organizations depend on ubiquitous and seamless access to real-time applications to communicate, collaborate, and drive business success. Unified Communications solutions like Skype for Business and Office 365 are built to boost productivity and drive down costs, but oftentimes organizations do not get the results they were promised. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 4 Good Reasons […]

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Mar, 29th, 2017
CSP Partner Profitability – How to Step Up Your Marketing Game

CSP Partner Profitability Part II of III In part one of CSP Partner Profitability, we discussed how the cloud opportunity is predicted to grow to $500B by the year 2020 (IDC). And more importantly, for CSP partners to fully take advantage of the cloud opportunity, they MUST bring a differentiated offer to market in order […]

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Mar, 27th, 2017
3 Ways Application Insight for Skype for Business Helps Improve Quality of Experience

Exinda’s new QX Boost for Skype for Business delivers the unified view of the network and cloud you need to deliver exceptional quality of experience.

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Mar, 21st, 2017
Troubleshooting the 3 Most Common Network Problems

Today’s network is more complex than ever before. The impact that the multitude of devices, applications, and locations have on network performance can be startling – increased congestion, slow application response time, loss of user productivity and ultimately, chaos for you, the IT manager.

As a result of this increased network complexity, pinpointing the root cause of these network performance issues is getting more difficult. And trying to solve them quickly to keep employees happy and get them back on task is no easy feat…

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Mar, 14th, 2017
3 Steps to Avoid Slow Office 365 Performance

Originally posted in Skype for Business Insider This is it! After careful consideration, you’ve opted for the big leap to the cloud (…or perhaps a hybrid option) looking to take advantage of the benefits of one of the most notable collaboration and productivity tools, Microsoft Office 365. And while you’re expecting big gains from your migration […]

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Mar, 13th, 2017
How to Control March Madness Streaming (and still be popular)

It’s March Madness time again and everyone’s favorite college hoops tournament is set to slam all records for online video consumption. It should come as no surprise to IT managers that while your users might look like they’re intently focused on a conference call, they’re really plugged into their third Sweet 16 game of the day and crushing your network in the process…

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Mar, 8th, 2017
CSP Partner Profitability – Creating a Differentiated Offer and Why It’s Essential

CSP Partner Profitability Part I of III Industry experts expect that the cloud opportunity will be worth over $500 Billion by 2020. Given that massive number, the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is helping Partners to take advantage of the tremendous cloud opportunity. The CSP program was launched by Microsoft in 2014, and just […]

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Mar, 1st, 2017
Network Assessment: What It Is and Why You Need It

Recently the Exinda team worked with a manufacturing company looking to deploy Skype for Business across 24 locations. The customer asked our Partner, “How can we make sure that Skype for Business will perform as well as it did in the local testing?” YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 4 Good Reasons Your UC Strategy Needs a […]

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