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Optimize your Key Apps with Exinda
Optimize Your Key Apps
  • Monitor app performance in real-time
  • Prioritize apps for optimal performance
  • Identify potential issues before they occur
Control Unsanctioned Activity with Exinda
Control Unsanctioned Activity
  • Identify Shadow IT and non-critical apps
  • Limit the impact of recreational traffic
  • Manage bandwidth allocation by users, devices and apps
Cloud Transition with Exinda
Transition to Cloud Seamlessly
  • Measure and track app performance
  • Prioritize and optimize cloud apps
  • Maintain flawless app performance

Do you need better network visibility and control?


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Which App Do You Want to Improve?

You've invested in an array of business critical applications with hopes of improving productivity and driving business success, but what stands in the way is poor Quality of Experience (QoE). When apps don’t perform optimally, it can lower user satisfaction and adoption and put your business at risk.

With over 2500 application signatures we can help you ensure reliable and consistent performance of your most important applications.


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Exinda has been acquired by GFI Software - Read more
Exinda has been acquired by GFI Software - Read more