Exceptional Quality of Experience for Your Business Critical Apps

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Free yourself from helpdesk tickets

When business critical apps stop working, so do your users. We help ensure that your most important apps perform anytime, anywhere - keeping your users happy and productive.

Say goodbye to hours of troubleshooting...

Keeping a constant eye on the network takes time away from other critical tasks. With prescriptive and actionable recommendations we help you diagnose and resolve issues quickly.


Start looking beyond the network edge

We're even able to correlate your application data with network information to provide a complete end-to-end view of all your traffic, down to the device level.

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So, How Does it Work?


Real-time Monitoring

Monitor how users, applications and devices are behaving on the network and within the application


Unified View

Correlate network and application data within a single unified view to control sanctioned/unsanctioned apps


Multi-dimensional Policies

Create user, application and location specific policies to control bandwidth consumption


Actionable Recommendations

Get prescriptive and actionable recommendations to potential issues before they become critical

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