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Exinda: Playbook will make ADO imperative for IT managers

Kevin Suitor

VP, Strategy & Alliances

January 10, 2011

blackberry playbook 2 resized 600

The buzz from the CES last week was centred on one trend: TABLETS.

With the onslaught of these new mobile devices – including  the imminent launch of the RIM Playbook – tablets are sure to quickly become commonplace in organizations around the world, further fueling the growing mobile workforce trend.

Network and IT managers will need to re-examine WAN bandwidth and ensure they can optimize their network to deliver the a high quality end-user experience for their business-critical applications.

A recent article by Robin Gareiss of Search on ‘How remote users change WAN connection and bandwidth requirements” provides a great summary of how the mobile workforces is impacting WAN performance and how IT managers can handles it. The article includes some findings from the Nemertes’ 2010 Communications and Computing benchmark research, including:

  • More employees work from home, and significant numbers of remote users now have no office on-site anywhere. Supporting telework instead of on-site work is a key part of virtualizing an enterprise. Nearly half of companies now have formal telework policies, and tolerance is low for degraded network or application performance.
  • Organizations increasingly use the Internet as a WAN connection alternative. Small organizations, global organizations, and aggressive organizations lead the way with Internet VPN and direct branch connections to the Internet.

Exinda has helped thousands of organizations around the world to achieve visibility, control and acceleration in their network. We have published case studies on Exinda’s customers Redbridge and Wakefield who selected Exinda to better manage their WAN as they launched flexible/mobile work initiatives.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Exinda Executive Briefing on WAN Optimization strategies for the Mobile Workforce.

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